Friday, July 13, 2012

Waec 2012/2013 : Yet Another Mass Failure Recorded

WAECreport :
Today, I am delighted to
announce to you that the
result will soon be out but
here is the breakdown of the
A total of 324,998 candidates
registered for the
examination, out of which
310. 077 candidates
consisting of 168,835 male
and 141,242 female
candidates sat the
Out of the total number of
candidates that
registered,309,431 candidates
representing 95. 2%,have
their results fully processed,
while 15,567 candidates,
representing 4. 79% have a
few of their subjects still
being processed, as various
errors ad omissions mostly
traceable to them are being
sorted out by the Council.
These errors were committed
during the online registration
and the actual conduct of the
The results of 51,876
candidates, representing 16.
73% are being withheld,
based on various reports of
their alleged involvement in
examination malpractice.
Statistics show that 250,487
candidates representing 80.
78% have two credits and
above; 217,161 candidates
(70. 03), have three credits
and above; while 180,480
candidates (58. 20), have four
credits and above.
Furthermore, 141,167
candidates (45. 52%),
obtained five credits and
above, while 99,750
candidates (32. 16%) obtained
six credits and above.
A total of 133,507 candidates
(43. 06%) obtained credit and
above in English, while
151,569 candidates (48. 88%)
obtained credit and above in
From the total number of
candidates who sat the
examination, however, 62,295
candidates, representing (20.
04%) obtained credits in
English language, Mathematics
and at least three other
A total number of 33 blind
candidates sat the
examination, and from this
figure, 4 candidates,
representing (12. 12%),
obtained credits in five
subjects, including English
Language. Blind candidates
are exempted from taking
mathematics and science
practicals in WASSCE diets.
All the reports on the cases of
involvement in examination
malpractice have been
compiled for presentation to
the Nigeria Examinations
Committee of the Council in
March 2011. The Committee’s
decision on the various cases
will be communicated to the
affected candidates shortly,
through our zonal and branch
Candidates who sat the
examination will be able to
check the details of their
performance with their
scratch cards on our result
checking website:www.
waecdirect . org as soon it is
Mr Alozie N. U
Zonal Coordinator

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